Welcome To The Artistic Glass Ltd

We are a manufacturer of glass vases and a distributor of ceramics and floral accessories.
If you are looking for wholesale glass vases for flower shops, events or other circumstances which are in need of vases? You are in the right place.
We carry the best selection of quality glass vases at the most competitive prices.
Most of our accessories are from oasis floral but also other reputable companies.
We provide our products to small and large event and wedding organisers.  
As well as florists and indivuals for that special one off
Your satisfaction with our products and services is our top priority. Also, if you are interested in a large order (only glass and some ceramic products) then please contact us by e-mai, as we can have the items made and shipped personaly for you. We have several thousand custom designs and can also  make glass products designed by you because we are a company with our own direct manufacturer!
Due to this we are able to provide our customers with the highest quality products at the lowest price.Where possible, depending on the size of the order, we are able to offer free delivery within the UK.However, customers from outside the UK can still have delivery service at a cost, but need to contact us in advance, as we rely on shipping companies. 

Contact our customer service for more info:

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